Dienstag, 18. August 2009

We need your vote against animal testing!


Dear friends,

we started a petition against the pharma company Boehringer Ingelheim, who is planning to build a huge research center in our hometown, Hannover (Germany).
Boehringer is producing serums to avoid production animals getting infections, epidemics et al..
They intend to test these vaccines on several thousands of animals (mainly pigs) a year.
After being infected with all kinds of heavy virusses during the series of experiments, the animals will at last be killed and their bodies will be dissolved in brine to remove them securely.

Our church (!) sold the land to that corporation and all our partys (inclusive the green party!) as well as the mayoral agreed to Boehringer settling in Hannover. They are proud to have them here to make Hannover a more considerable location regarding science and economy!

Boehringer intends to start building this year and it shell be finished in 2011. They already tried to build in another german town (Tuebingen), but they failed because of the civil protests. They were told to go to Hannover because citizens there wouldn't be so "protestive"... ! We are shocked that Hannover has a such doubtable fame!

Profit may not walk over lifes! Neither in Hannover nor anywhere in the world!
Please help us to debar Boehringer from building and tell all people around you to do the same! We need your voice!!!!

Thank you very much.

P.S.: It's a german petition, but after reading this message you are already familiar with it's content.

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